About us

TEXTIL-2000 Ltd is a private undertaking founded in 1990. We are domestic wholesaler.

 Main activity of our Company is buying and selling of technical textiles and their development.

What are technical textiles? These are materials, which are reprocessed in industry, respectively become part of technological processes.

To whom we offer our products?

·        To furniture-manufacturer we can offer nonwoven fabrics, cloths, filling fleeces, needle felts and special wool, cotton, and polyester fleeces substituting sponge

·        For construction industry different geotextiles for building of roads, swimming pools and

·        buildings.

·        To manufacturer of industrial filters we can offer a wide range of filter cloths.

·        For  those who are engaged in household textiles, we offer furniture upholstery materials, decorative materials, quilts quilted by a special method.

·        For mattress makers we have our wide range of basic materials

·        For packaging foils, rops, cords are offered.

For any problem you might have in the field of technical textiles, we have a solution.


Textil 2000 Kft. - Műszakitextil nagykereskedés
9028 Győr, Szent Imre út 157. Tel.: (96) 519-055, 528-485 Fax: (96) 519-057 Web: www.textil2000.hu